Eating disorders in Suffolk & London

Recent news of Bulimia, Anorexia and Depression in schools is on the rise. Sadly I have seen a rise in this in my clinics here in Suffolk. I have developed my ‘Eat to Live’ program where I am able to help in this very delicate problem.
Although no two clients are alike most suffer because there seems to be so much pressure to be the thinner, fitter, slim legged and to be perfect. Image has become too important – and if you are unable to be perfect it can lead to many problems. Luckily most just get on with their lives whatever size and shape they are however some feel miserable or freak-like – they seem OK on the outside however inside it is different story.
Talking to parents and sufferers alike, I get the same comments – no one understands and unless
you have suffered yourself it is difficult to. I tend to see the sufferers who cannot find help from their Doctors or the NHS so by the time they get to me they have been through some pretty low moments as t
hey feel that they cannot be helped

One particular client was body conscious and was growing (aged 15) – she was not exactly slim as a child however as she grew she became slim and tall – this gave her confidence and she was popular, outgoing and enjoyed life. She felt that at last she fitted
in until one young lad  said that her thighs were large. Once simple comment and her world fell to pieces. Two years of eating problems, self harming and several suicide attempts she spoke to a friend who understood and she was bought to see me. It took 7 sessions to help her out – I have kept in touch with her and she is now settled aged 18. In the years since we worked together she has heard of others who have eating disorders and she has spent time with them and where necessary has pointed them in my direction.