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  • I came to see you last autumn for help with my fear of heights, primarily to enable me to join in with the rest of my family skiing. I am so happy to be able to tell you that our one session has proved revelation and I can now use the chair lift and go up to the top of the ski slope here in Dubai! I had no apprehensions about using the chairlift, was able to look around and down, and chat quite happily with my instructor. Skiing down was so much more pleasurable and relaxed (still not very good & rather slow, but smiling & happy!). I can also use the escalator in the shopping mall without nerves or that horrible feeling that I am going to fall.

    We have now booked a week in France to ski in March and my husband is so pleased that we can go…..and a happy husband is a good thing!

    So, thank you very much. I am very impressed.

    AnonymousClient with a fear of heights...
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  • I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for all of your help. It has definitely helped. I was honest with xxxxxx and explained to her what was going on. She was very understanding, and in the end, it was a success. I’m a very lucky man now. So thank you once again, you have definitely helped me to change my life for the best.

    AnonymousClient with issues from past relationships which prevented him being close to his new girlfriend.
  • Thank you for the help you gave my son – he told me that you said to change his image which we have been trying to tell him for a long time why do they always listen to other people. He has had his hair cut, had a shave, joined a gym and is trying to lose some weight, and also bought some new clothes.He is much better to be with now and seem,s much happier in himself so once again you have done a brilliant job we are all very grateful.

    AnonymousClient with anger issues - he was on last warning from the police.
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  • I couldn’t put it on my FB post as it would be bragging but thought you would like to know he got a 1st! Amazing…so proud of him. He is walking on cloud 9! Thank you for giving him the confidence in his exams xxxx

    AnonymousClient with exam nerves so bad that he had to be removed from his second year exams. (he ended up calm and confident)
  • Just to let you know it is now a year since I saw you and still going strong – thank you

    AnonymousClient who was a 40 a day smoker
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