Confidence and Self-esteem

Hypnotherapy to help increase your confidence and self-esteem in Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds Suffolk.

We all have moments of self doubt, low confidence, or low self-esteem. In most cases this can be a motivating factor to change things or to go and do something. However sometimes things can get out of hand and can lead to feelings of being unable to cope and of feeling trapped and helpless. Low confidence and self-esteem can be the result of a lifetime of events, or from a single incident. Many people report that their loss of confidence and low self esteem is a direct result of bullying. This can be from bullying in the family, bullying at school, or bullying in the work place, and even once it has stopped, the after effects are still felt and are affecting their lives everyday. A definition of recognising low self-esteem or confidence is when every compliment sounds sarcastic or false. The good news is that none of us were born with these feelings, we all have confidence to some degree and have experienced confidence, and that confidence may show itself with friends, with family or doing something that we are particularly good or knowledgeable at. Confidence and self-esteem are very much a state of mind and an attitude. And of course these can be learned and re-learned, we all know what self confidence looks like, we all know what it feels like as we have all experienced it at some point in our lives, yet may feel we’ve lost it.


How can hypnotherapy help with low self-esteem and confidence?

In many cases a lack of confidence or low self-esteem isn’t really the problem; it’s a symptom of a problem, and ultimately, it’s a belief that drives the problem. What’s really interesting is that beliefs differ from person to person. As an example, not everyone lacks confidence at an interview, when meeting new people or taking an exam. I’ve yet to meet anyone who has no confidence in every situation and every environment and with every person, so a lack of confidence is context and situation based. As an example, I may be confident with close friends, but if I believe that I lack confidence talking to new people, then I’m never going to walk up to that attractive person and start a conversation, or stand up and give a talk, or push myself to go and apply for the job I really want. When low confidence or a drop in confidence results in us no longer trying, or in no longer wanting to try, then its time to take action. Hypnotherapy helps find out where the belief that’s creating the problem came from. Once we know we know that we can cleanse the emotions that drive the uncomfortable feeling and help you to reconnect with your confident self. Hypnotherapy helps with reducing stress and anxiety responses, helps gain a sense of perspective over past events, helps create new patterns and habits of acting and being confident no matter where you are, who you are with, or what you are doing. If you feel your confidence or self esteem is low, then hypnotherapy can help you to regain it giving you more choice in the things you choose to do. Telephone Piers Day on 07716008836 or email for a callback at [email protected]