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In everyday life we go through moments or short periods when we feel down, dejected, frustrated or put upon and these are quite normal as these feeling should pass quickly. But sometimes the negative feelings can linger and overwhelm us, resulting in us being unable to understand why we feel like we do.
If you have lingering negative thoughts and issues then consider using some new tools. Hypnotherapy might be the solution you’ve been looking for it is efficient, effective to help people break through the old barriers and improve their lives.


What causes depression?

My clients describe how depression just crept up on them without being noticed until someone points it out to them. In 90% of cases there is no single reason why as there can be many factors the contribute towards it. Anyone can be affected during their life by depression – it does not discriminate – it has not social boundaries and can affect anyone regardless of the creed, colour or social background.

Depression is a disorder involving mood, thought and the body. It can affect the way people think, what they think about themselves, how they eat, exercise and how they react to the world around them. It can make both the person and those around them feel helpless.

Events or milestones that trigger of deepen depression

Feelings and experiences around Christmas, New Year, birthdays, mothers day, weddings, funerals and other such anniversaries and holidays can trigger strong emotions.

Whilst for most people these events are positive, for someone suffering from depression these can trigger deep seated negative emotions that get stronger as time goes on and with each anniversary they get worse and overwhelm us. It gets to the point where the underside of the duvet is the best place to be.

Grief, guilt, anger, frustration and other such emotions are churned up at gatherings or on certain dates which can add to the depressive disorder and can continue to fuel this for weeks, months and years. Depression is not a short lived bad spell – it can ruin lives if not treated by a professional as an alternative to tablets.

Post surgery depression

Surgery or an operation can leave the body bruised and battered with a recovery time varying depending on the person and the procedure. As the body heals and you catch up on sleep your get back to living a normal life – sadly not everyone experiences this. For many they are left with post surgery depression or anxiety.

Many clients I have worked with report how depression crept up on them until suddenly they could not cope after a surgical procedure and how weeks, months and years later they still feel down, frustrated and unable to cope with life.

Post surgical depression and anxiety (PSDA) is not uncommon in patients following a serious surgical procedure. Post surgical depression can make it difficult for a patient to cope whether the operation was life threatening or not.

It can be understandable if a woman becomes depressed after a miscarriage or termination as they can feel empty or incomplete – this can be fuelled by well meaning comments of others confirming that it can be usual to feel this way for years afterwards.

Professional overload or burnout

People can get overloaded in management roles involving the emotions expectations and demands of other people. it is sometimes called executive burnout and can bring careers to an abrupt end. Typically this included people in HR, doctors, nurses paramedics, therapists solicitors and teachers. However this does not mean that other professions do not suffer from overload or burnout as it can affect people from all walks of life and social backgrounds – it does not discriminate.

As people are promoted more and more pressure to perform can affect managers, directors and chairpersons who are presurised to produce results. it is that they have too much to handle and they feel overloaded, unable to perform and become less motivated.

In these cases I like to meet the client for a free 20 minute consultation where we can start planning a recovery plan with the end goal of being better at work or in some cases being able to return to work.

Living with someone who is depressed.

Many believe that a depressed person needs to pull themselves together – however this is not the case. It is not a sign of weakness or something that will wash over – if it is not diagnosed and treated by a professional it can get worse and worse as the person gets older.

To live with a depressed person can be difficult if you do not accept depression as a disorder – it is not the depressives fault. Our minds process 60,000 thoughts a day -good ones and bad ones, positive, negative and sometimes unhelpful ones. A depressive person is unable to accept the good thoughts and the negative ones take control so their mind slowly starts worrying and closing down to the point where the underside of the duvet seems the best place to be.

Depression is not a sign of weakness

Some may tell you to pull yourself together or even get a life suggesting that there are others worse off than you – but whatever is said or however much the person wants to change they are powerless to get over it and move on. This is not a sign of weakness that some believe, it is part of the depressive cycle. Sadly the well meaning comments from others can compound the problem and leave them with guilt, frustration and embarrassment.

As this pressure builds they may also feel embarrassed to seek help hoping and believing that the feelings will subside. Many feel that they can move on or learn to cope with it however it is often always there unless treated by a professional as in most cases depression will not leave unless treated and the person suffers longer than necessary.

Whatever has happened to make you feel depressed or however long you have suffered, there is a way to become free from Depression. Contact Piers Day by hitting the contact button and I can call you back to discuss your problem and then start planning how to set you free so that you never have to feel depressed again.