Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT)in Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich and Red Lodge in Suffolk

EFT is a wonderfully fast technique to rid yourself of many of life’s anxieties. It works with the meridian energies in your body as used by acupuncturists however you tap with your fingers rather than use needles and only on a few points in the face and chest. It will ‘blow away’ anxieties and fears and uses this wonderful technique alongside hypnotherapy, NLP and other such disciplines to assist clients quickly and easily past their problems.

This system is easily learned and it is an excellent process for people to use on themselves as it can be done at any time and   any place – I find it especially useful for those who suffer anxiety prior to meetings or exams and for helping with pain relief.

EFT was researched and refined by Gary Craig in America and is used worldwide. Further information on this technique can be got from the official EFT website.
I use EFT within Hypnosis to get even more incredible results and have found that it is a useful addition to the sessions. Clients get faster results and using it offers better value to my clients.