Problems at work?

Stressed at work, stress relief, unable to cope?

As an NLP Life/Executive Coach I have a whole array of techniques to help get you back on track and help get you where you want to be in life. There are countless self-help books in the shops and judging by current book shop sales and group seminars many of you are reading about changing your life for the better.
I will find what is holding you back, why you are stressed or stuck in your ways and to give you real energy and self belief. I work with you and offer a cross section of ideas and will find your hidden strengths and weaknesses. This may take a little time. However most people find that once put back on track their lives and careers improve. This can be done on a one to one basis or with your team at work. Improve your sales techniques, time management and your productivity and learn from others you admire.

Many people have a fear of success or a fear of failure (sometimes both!) and this prevents them from getting the job done or prevents them from promotion or from succeeding. This has adverse effects throughout your life. Using some of the techniques I will give you during your sessions, you will become aware of your own hidden power. Once you are able to harness yourself into this inner power and remove all your personal obstacles and limitations the sky is the limit and you will reach your goals quicker and easier than you could have ever thought possible.

Don’t let yourself down – give yourself the edge.


Do you feel not good enough or want to hit your boss/client?

It would be lovely to leave work behind when you leave for the day, be able to relax and sleep well? If you are stressed or feeling not good enough this is unlikely – it does not take many session to remove the stresses and strains of office or home life. I have helped 100’s of clients deal with ‘life’ and they go on and are more effective and able to handle their lives so much better.

A few questions for you.

What is holding you back?
Why are others promoted and you are not?
Why does someone else’s life work and yours does not?
Why does someone love others more than you?
Is it YOU who is sabotaging your progress?
Are you stressed out, bored and looking for an alternative?
Just think if you do not change your thinking or mind-set you will be in the same place, the same mood and have the same outlook in a years time – is it time to change your thinking?

The next step to set yourself free is to call me directly on 0771 600 8836 or email me at [email protected] to arrange an appointment or to discuss how Piers Day can help you.