Sports Hypnosis

Hypnosis to help improve your sport

Sports Hypnosis and Sports Mind Therapy enables you to perform at your peak and learn how to improve your ability and learn from others. I am able to help you achieve your goals/aims and to help with your motivation.

You may be a good athlete or sports person however if you want to be a medal winner or beat your own personal records you may well find it easier with the correct mind control and motivation. The major obstacles to improved sports performance are not physical, but rather mental or emotional obstacles.

Lapses in concentration, pre-performance anxiety, poor motivation, loss of confidence, negative mental attitude, choking’ under pressure, etc. Using in-depth principles and techniques you will have the edge on your competitors. You will visualise out performing them and never have to look backwards.

Mental preparation, Good Motivation, Positive Mental Attitude for Professionals and Amateurs alike.

Golfers – bring your handicap down.
Runners – improve your running skills.
Cricketers – improve your bowling, batting, fielding.
Cyclists – improve your speed, technique and stamina.
Footballers – improve your skills and performance – more goals and better defence.
Darts player – improve your aim.
Tennis/Squash – improving your serve or returns.
General Fitness – helping you to help yourself to get in shape.
The major obstacles to improved sports performance are not physical, but rather mental or emotional obstacles:

Removing the limiting blocks that get in the way of your success and then working with visualisation techniques and sports motivation many find a new level to aim at and succeed in. I am able to help you learn from past and present masters in your chosen sport and to use your practice time more effectively.

There is no such thing as being good enough – achieve your maximum.

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