Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy to help Stop Smoking in Bury St Edmunds, Red Lodge, Woolpit and Ipswich in Suffolk.

The Problem

The fact that you are reading this it shows that you are looking to free yourself from the unhealthy habit of smoking.

You may well have tried and failed at a number of other more mainstream methods to become a non smoker. Gums, patches and other methods such as ‘will power’ are successful for some however not everyone. Hypnotherapy is often the last port of call and it one of the most successful as it helps break the habit at a subconcious level.

Most smokers know about the side effects of smoking and the problems it causes – namely cancer, heart disease, impotence, fertility problems, to name a few. However there are no side effects to quitting smoking and you will be amazed at the speed at which your body starts healing itself once you stop smoking.

I was a heavy smoker and used Hypnosis to become a non smoker and some 22 years later I help others help others to follow suit.

The Positives

Think of the positive things about becoming a non-smoker.

• You will save time – an average Cigarette takes 3 minutes to smoke. Therefore 20 a day wastes one hour. If you leave your desk at work to smoke outside you are wasting 21 ½ hours per month assuming you work a 5 day week.

• Save money – an obvious saving – however if you smoke 30 a day at £8 a packet you are currently spending £12 each day. This equates to £84 per week or £364 per month or £4,368 per year out of TAXED INCOME! (£364 per month will go a long way towards upgrading your car or wardrobe – or even towards retiring a year or two earlier!)

• Save your health. Smoking slows the passage of air around your lungs therefore you are slower at most sports, slower in your everyday walking, stair-climbing and general fitness. Not forgetting cancer or another smoking related illness.

Other reasons and benefits are discussed more fully in your session with Piers Day – so go ahead – join the elite of those who have become a non smoker with ease, style and in most cases without weight gain.

Although there is no scientific research to prove this, it has been commented that non smokers smile more – could this be because they have whiter teeth?

What next?

If you are wanting to Stop Smoking, Quit or just become a non smoker you will find that a single two hour session with Piers Day will help you change the habit, addiction and if you are like most clients ‘it is as if I never smoked’

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