Irritable Bowl Syndrome

IBS can ruin a life – stomach pains, cramps and the person suffering never wanting to be more than five paces from a vacant loo.

Piers Day has been working successfully with clients with IBS for a number of years. Initally training with Mike Mahony in Manchester he has developed this training further working with Matt Sisson and Randy Shaw in the USA. The therapy he uses is second to none and over a two month period he is able to get the client to start trusting thier systems so that they can leave a normal life.

IBS is caused by a chemical problem like an allergic reaction to food or caused by emotions. Piers calls IBS the ‘gut reaction’ that someone has to a trauma, life situation or emotional upset. The feelings fester inside and turn the persons digestive tract into turmoil so that they cannot function like normal digestive tracts do. Piers is able to establish a link between the mind and body to discover what the problem is and then set to work to rectify it.

If you or someone you know has IBS and they are showing no allergies the chances are that Piers Day can help using his six week IBS release program.Call for a Free 20 minute consultation.


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