Anger Problems

Anger Removal Therapy and recovery in Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Woolpit and Red Lodge, Suffolk

You may have found this page because you know someone who has issues or you may have them yourself. There are many anger management programs out there and whilst some seem to work well, people who come to me have failed finding help elsewhere.
Many clients I see are sent by solicitors, lawyers, police and social services as well as anxious relations as these clients are heading for trouble as society no longer accept this behaviour.

Anger Removal Therapy

Most of my clients have no knowledge of why they get angry or feel out of control therefore we need to get into the sub-conscious mind to investigate the root cause  of the problem. It is a subconscious behavioural issue.

As people grow up things can become unfair – it can be sibling rivalry, problems with a parent, bullies or an employer. In each case they many not be permitted to voice their feelings, opinions thereby feel badly judged or mistreated. In some people this simmers for years causing anger which can erupt uncontrollably.

My work with anger is more finding what the anger is about and dealing with the emotional problem rather than how to manage it. Once the issue has gone from the mind and body we can then work on how to remain controlled in the future.

Anger in the Home

In an ideal we could all be protected from anger and abuse (both physical and mental) however this is not the case. Domestic anger can flare up and cause untold damage to anyone involved including relations and the young. I get many in my clinics who are recovering from witnessing abuse from one person to another. In my professional opinion this deep seated issue is only able to be dealt with in one of my one to one sessions where they will never be judged or spoken down to. In my sessions there is only release and recovery.

Anger/Stress at Work

Obviously it is not good to get angry at work! You cannot shout at our boss or colleagues so you keep it locked up inside. This strategy can work for a while however over a lifetime it will slowly eat away at you like acid unless you get it dealt with. Life can become like a pressure cooker and lead to stress, illness and days off work. I see people who are off work with stress related illness who have had some sort of breakdown and in almost all cases the cause is unresolved anger.

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